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#Humblebrag (but it's a best seller for a reason)
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Malorie Tadimi
Wow. THIS is the book you want to read to help you design a course that actually creates impact. I enjoyed this go-to guide to creating a course that people actually want to finish. I'm so glad I bough this book.
Karina Astudillo
The book is full of tips about best practices for online course creation and engagement with students. The author is very experienced in the field of education and e-learning technologies. Also she explains the topics in a very organized and yet simple way.
Jolie Dawn
Wow, I am so grateful that you created this informational masterpiece! Just a few pages in, I was already captivated. For years I've been wanting a resource guide to online courses, and here it all is, thousands of hours of research and experience compiled beautifully in one place. THANK YOU so much for this!!!!
Ayana Webb
This book is extremely thorough, has had tons of research and professional feedback behind it, and most importantly, it was made with sincerity and love! I highly recommend this book for anyone who is considering creating courses, or is looking to improve their current courses.