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" I wanted to do something that’s never been seen before. "

I Am Hero

Everything changes when you work with the best.


I wanted to do something that’s never been seen before.  Ofcourse, they came to the table with some great, innovative, out of the box ideas and it really was an amazing experience.  

The first time I met Dr. Rose she was on stage speaking and she had told her story in such a transparent way.  Her intention was that people complete the course so we can make an impact on their lives.

I knew that I was congruent with what she wanted.  She saw the problem in courses that people didn’t complete them and that was a solution that she dedicated her life towards and that resonated with me.

And then when we worked together, one on one, that was just an amazing experience and they definitely over delivered.  

That’s what we want, right?  We want long term, people to stick, to absorb it, to apply it.

I want to be able to attract people and relationships in my life that I truly felt that help support me so I can help as many people as possible with my message.

“ I wanted to do something that’s never been seen before..”

As a company they helped me build a powerful course, and gave me an incredible experience, but even greater than that, they truly cared.

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