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Heads-up: 97% of All Online Courses Are Never Completed.

This Is Your Roadmap to Beating the Odds In 2019.

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Let’s Talk About the Dirty
Little Secret of Online Courses…

The online course space is a $255 Billion industry with a capital B. More people are creating online courses than ever, but there’s a dirty secret nobody really wants to talk about.

Customer churn.

Online courses worldwide are experiencing a 97% attrition rate from start to finish.
That’s pathetic. And unacceptable. We can do so much better.

And yet, how many of us struggle to make our courses ‘stick’ with our audiences? The online marketing space depends on selling courses and keeping our customers connected to our business.

Creating a course is hard enough, which is why so many half-baked courses never hit the market. It’s even harder making sure the course you create is what your audience actually wants from you. When you finally have your course ready, you probably have that sick feeling when your course fails to create a lasting impact.


This isn’t a nameless, faceless challenge; it’s affecting coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, trainers, small businesses, corporations, people you know and love.It’s because we’ve been relying on bad information.

And, so many course creators are left wondering why. Nobody’s talking about why courses aren’t being completed. Nobody’s asking the right questions to figure out what we can do better to make our courses meaningful. We’re simply regurgitating the same bad info we heard from someone else who passed it down the line to us.So, where does that leave us?

Online Courses Aren’t Dead.
They Simply Need A Better Way To Work.

Pushing “publish” on your website won’t create lasting impact, reduce customer acquisition cost, or build your reputation as a thought leader overnight. Your customers deserve the right information that inspires them to finish your course and create the results they want.

You’ve seen others have success with online courses, a lot of success.
Why does it work for them and not for you? They have a little more information.
They know the secrets.And now, they want to share their secrets with you.

The Completed Course

30+ World-Changing Online Course Geniuses Want to
Share Their Course Completion Secrets With YOU.

The Completed CourseImagine leveraging the collective genius of Ryan Deiss, Jay Baer, Pat Flynn, Chris Smith, Jason Swenk, and dozens other marketing influencers. This would level the playing field with everyone sharing the best strategies for optimal impact and maximum earnings.

Imagine what that could do for your business, your life, even your legacy:
Think about the type of impact you could create.

Picture how many more people you’ll get to help because you know
what they need to get the right results.

Can’t you just hear story after story of people sharing
how your course gave them the freedom they wanted?

It all starts with The Completed Course: The Secret to Creating Lasting Impact, Raving Fans, and Increased Profits With Online Courses from Dr. Carrie Rose.

Ready to change the game?

Online Courses Have
The Power To Change Lives

Freedom. We all want it. In some form or another, we all want that extra time, extra income, extra space to enjoy the life we really want to experience.
It’s why people buy courses: belief.

I believe that by buying this course it will create the desired result or experience I want to feel in my life.
Imagine if every person who ever took an online course had the desired outcome they were looking for: Better health? Greater wealth?
More meaningful relationships?
More time back in their schedule?

That’s the world I’m striving to create.
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