Lu Castello

Marketing Strategist
I am on a mission of building a world ruled by positive & empowered people.

Made in Sicily & adopted Scottish, with 7+ experience in organizational management in the wondrous Arts & Music Events Industry, now turned into Marketing Strategist.

I want to build a world ruled by positive & empowered people, and give the next generations a sustainable, positive future.

OFCOURSE is the revolution Online Educational Industry has been waiting for.

I have joined the OFCOURSE cause as they are the only business that it has been willing to research, analyze and improve  the Online Educational Industry.

I have experienced first hand the lack of care in online courses ,  the lack of clear resources and information for those who are approaching entrepreneurship or want to step up.

The educational Industry definitely needs a shake up and I see OFCOURSE as the pioneers of the future of Online Education.

My personal tools of conquest

I was brought up with a classical education, I have made my hands dirty on the Festival Fields and coordinated incredible projects.

My life is a balanced mix of love for food, many many books (from thrillers to personal development, entrepreneurship) , Drum and Bass, and several plants named after philosophers (Arthur S. is my favourite).

I spend my energies only on project I believe have the potential to change the world for the better, and empower amazing people.

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