You Need To Build a World-class Online Course that not only performs but transforms.

By BIBLICAL we mean that we spend MOST of our time in God’s word. We work as a family doing the best we can to understand each text, each story, each verse within its historical and Biblical context. That means 90% of the time, we go verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book to understand who God is as He has introduced Himself to us and who we are and can be in light of Him and His grace.

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Build your online course with purpose.

Everything we touch has intention. If you don't plan on building something transformational then I'm afraid you've landed in the wrong place. We're here to make a difference and if that sounds like a sweet challenge to you....please continue.


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We help purpose-driven entrepreneurs build online courses that matter.

Most people talk about business as though it's all about metrics, we like to talk about it from a human perspective. What problems are we solving that make a real difference for people? That's the real question.

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Online courses aren't simply about finding a way to sell your ideas to an audience.

We want to work with people who share our beliefs that if you're going to do anything it should be fun, it should improve your personal life and the lives of others, it should be done with passion.

Our goal is to make the world better than we found it. You ready?


We know that building a successful business doesn't happen on accident.

Gain access to all of the tools, tech, strategy, and mindset you need to build a successful business with online courses.


We believe in the power of community

Relationships are master-keys to opening new possibilities in your life and building a thriving business.

Lu Paterno Castello

It's definitely refreshing to see how many dedicated professionals are out there and able to solve problems.

Ottito Iwuchukwu

The investment in the all access is worth more than its weight in gold.

Jacqueline Campbell

I am flabbergasted with the generosity of all the presenters sharing their knowledge and experience.

Massimo Brazil

Inspiring, Mesmerizing, a Masterful Teacher, Awakened, Limitless, No Holds Barred and Ferociously Result Oriented.

Kris Baird

I just listened to Dr. Carrie Rose's, " How to start your first successful online course." Loved it. If you haven't listened yet, it gives solid fundamentals.

Scott Carr Sr.

The mastermind was totally AMAZING! Thank you so very, very much for all the insights!!!

Everything you need to build a world-class online course that not only performs but transforms.

Clean, Clear, Curriculum

Learning takes effort and we believe that removing the barriers that prevent us from advancement is a huge area of opportunity. We make sure your content is clear so it can do the job of carrying your message.

Formulas + Processess

We know you want to make a huge impact. We've been crafting our processes for years with the whole idea and making online courses more impactful.

Online Business Strategies

We know that trying to learn everything you need can be a huge task. Leverage our experience to cut down the time it takes to launch your course much faster with greater results.

Learning Management Systems

We are experienced with a variety of different (LMS) Learning Management Systems, so we can support you at every stage of the process.

Design + Development

We translate your intentions into design choices so your end result not only looks great but actually helps people learn through the process of taking your online course.

Technical Support

We know that trying to learn everything you need can be a huge task. Leverage our experience to cut down the time it takes to launch your course much faster with greater results.

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