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Kyree Oliver - Digital Marketing Expert
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Something I TOTALLY did not anticipate when creating my Masculinity course was how impactful it would be to have a great woman help me create my course for men.

On top of being a damn genius at creating curriculum, Carrie Rose Wilson gives me a feminine lens through which to look at my course content and make sure it makes sense from both the male and female perspective.

I wanted to make sure that my course could be valuable to men as it relates to understanding ourselves and how to create desirable outcomes in different areas of our lives, and valuable to women to get a glimpse into how men who are actively doing “the work” think and operate.

I like the balance it’s creating, being able to send every piece of my course through both the masculine and feminine lens and making sure it makes sense both ways. She will ask questions that I didn’t think to ask myself, and I can provide perspective to some of her questions that help shape the way I teach communication with the opposite sex.

When I look at the activities after each lesson, they still feel masculine but have been filtered through, “What will the type of women YOU want think of this?” And it’s been so helpful to have the added perspective throughout my lesson plans!

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