Lechon Kirb

Co-Founder, Creative Director
" I believe your story has the power to set hearts on fire and impact the world in a profound way. ”

Lechon Kirb is a MultiMedia Strategist.

His focus is on helping entrepreneurs create a life of freedom by reaching their ideal audience with the right positioning, and developing their ideas with digital products.  Where his prior work has been seen:

Most notably -

Forbes, Red Bull, Universal, NBC, BET, VH-1, PBS, Smirnoff, Master Of The Mix, Hootsuite, Buzzfeed, Holstee, Huffington Post and more.

Blog Posts

Introducing the new Ofcourse brand

“ Everything you put in makes a difference...”

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Whoever convinced you that deleting or unfollowing your friends on social media was a good idea burned you good.....

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