Introducing the new Ofcourse brand

“ Everything you put in makes a difference...”

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October 15, 2020

Introduction to article

First of all, why would we spend the time and resources to re-brand our site when we already had a working website?

On paper it seems like a bad idea. It's expensive, time-consuming, energy draining, and requires a huge learning curve that puts a strain on how everything else performs. In short, a huge.....possibly unnecessary challenge.

At least, that was how we viewed it in the beginning.

The fact is we understood a few things very well and we wanted to better communicate our ideas about that with our audience. However, we simply weren't or at least not at the level that we thought we could. I'm not sure if it's because deep down we knew we could do better....or the fact that we had a very standard cookie cutter design layout. We do everything else with such purpose and intentionality but it really felt like with our site it just didn't meet our internal standards. We want everything we touch to be excellent.

The site functioned as a normal site would, you could click buttons and get to your desired destination but it simply wasn't awesome. It was mediocre at best and that by it's very nature just won't cut it. any other crazy entrepreneurs we set out to do something about it, however we didn't even know what we were looking for. What should it look like? What should it feel like? What should it do?

These are all questions that dominated our conversations and to be fair is was a quite a bit over-whelming. In other words, a standard day in the life of being an entrepreneur. One day your riding high and the next moment you're trying to figure out how to build a parachute as you make an attempt to avoid plummeting to your death.

It all really just seemed like too much to focus on but we've always been clear on this......

Every little thing makes the difference.....

“ Everything you put in makes a difference...”

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