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What does it mean to start a movement?

Dr. Carrie Rose


One of the hardest conversations that I ever had with my coach started with, “if you could just build a movement around what you’re doing ...”

It was the one thing I hadn’t done.

And to be honest, it’s the one thing I haven’t done.

The concept alludes me.

Who am I?

One person.

One person with a pretty damn solid brain, a huge heart, and hands that are willing to help.✔️

But still... yup movement of one.

That convo left me feeling sad and more confused than I had ever been.

Of all the accomplishments I’ve reached... yup no movement.

When Eiji reached out to me and asked me to be a part of the Virtual Start Your Movement Summit I felt that old tug.

You know the feeling.

The one you get when you realize you forgot to do something.

Something pretty important.

*Gut Punch* 🥊

If you’re feeling a little like I am...
Like the world is still waiting’ fo yo ass to show up fully,

Then I suggest you click the link in the comments and get yourself registered.

My session goes live tomorrow.

And while I don’t have ALL the parts down quite yet, my session will promise to simplify and demystify transformational learning inside of static programs.

Once you get that movement poppin, you’re going to want to make a change 💥

“ One of the hardest conversations that I ever had with my coach started with....”

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